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InboxMusic delivers independent music straight into your inbox. Choose your favorite genres, tell us how often you want to receive InboxMusic (daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly) and you will receive a list of independent artists with links to listen to their music.



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You can change the frequency to receive InboxMusic and unsubscribe easily at any moment. Each email contains a link to your control panel.


We respect your privacy, you will only receive email from us after confirming your subscription and only in the frequency you have requested. Your email address will not be made public nor will it be shared with others.


$5 Free Music


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Amazing: Riskfree!

There is no risk in signing up for InboxMusic. Every email will contain a link to your control panel where you can set the frequency of your emails (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly ), change the genres to receive or unsubscribe from the list.