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Do You Have a Web Site?

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Add your Weedfiles

Add the location of your Weedfiles to be added to our database. Songs must be available for download.

You can add songs that are already listed in the directory.The last submitted file for each song will be shown, so if you add a file for a song that is already listed in the directory we will link to your Weedfile until somebody else submits the same song.

More Info

Add a few Files

Enter Weed file locations, start with http://
Location 1:
Location 2:
Location 3:
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Location 5:

Add more Files

Add one file per line, files must start with http://

Email address: (optional)

How We Index Music

First we will verify that the files you submitted are Weedfiles. Then we will add the location of the song to our database. We do not upload or otherwise host your files. They have to be located on your (or any other) web site, and available for download.

Add New Songs

If any of the songs you add is by an artist that is not yet in the directory, the artist will be added, same goes for the songs. if it is a new song, it will be added to the directory.

Add Existing Songs

You can also add files for songs that are already in the directory. Adding a file that is already in the directory will result in your link to be shown untill somebody else submits the same song.

Your email address

If you enter your email address we will send you a report when your files are indexed. You will also get access to a control panel to add, edit and remove Weedfiles. By not entering your email address you can still enter your Weedfiles, but you can not manage them afterwards.